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            Working hours:

                 Monday to Saturday

                 (8:00 AM-5:00 PM)  

            About Us


            Cell:86+13616677227 (Sunny)



            Official website:www.cndengshang.com

            About Us

            Taizhou Deng Shang Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Deng Shang Technology") was founded in 2003, is a plastic, metal mold manufacturing and related products production plant. July 2010 set up a professional production of commercial and household food waste processor manufacturing brand company, set research and development, production, sales and service for the integrated manufacturing enterprises.

            The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, the implementation of ISO14001 ring system standards, products with ROHS, CE, CB, CQC, CCC, HK and other domestic and international authoritative certification, with food waste processor three, five grinding system 20 A number of inventions, utility models and design patents. Products exported to Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia more than 20 countries and regions, the international market has been widely recognized.

            Deng Shang technology since the family kitchen appliances industry, has been adhering to the "green life Deng Shang technology" manufacturing philosophy, the market and customers continue to provide more advanced, environmentally friendly, easy to use products. All based on Deng Shang technology nearly 100 professional design research and development, manufacturing team. Was awarded the title of the top ten market integrity of China's top ten brands of home appliances, Taizhou high-tech enterprises, Zhejiang science and technology enterprises, the top ten cutting-edge brand, China's green products, the city's scientific and technological progress awards honor and title. Technology research and development level and product processing capacity in the industry advanced position.

            According to the type of motor can be divided into two series: according to the grinding chamber material can be divided into two layers of nylon, bakelite, aluminum alloy series; according to the grinding system can be divided into two, Three, five three series, a total of 50 kinds of models.

            Sincerely welcome all parties to expand domestic and foreign customers market.

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