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            2 types of homemade oil expeller press_Taizhou Dengshang Mechanical&Electrical Co.,Ltd. - kitchen food waste disposer|household oil press - Taizhou Dengshang Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.

            2 types of homemade oil expeller press

            Update Time :2014-12-10The view :4993

            In China,recent days,homemade screw oil expeller press is very popular in this country.homemade small oil expeller also can be called home oil press, it can be used for pressing edible seeds and nuts,such as sesame seeds、peanuts/groundnuts、palm kernel seeds、flaxseed or linseed、sunflower seeds、rapeseed etc.

            home oil expeller press for household using varies in kinds of functions and screws types.a few are purely just pressing oil,others are with the function of parching oily seeds.and some are automated pressing,while others manual pressing oil.

            see pictures as below:

                               automated oil press

                        Manual oil expeller press

            And different company,differnt homemade oil expeller press, its capacity of pressing is also diversity. some oil expeller press machine has the ability of pressing one kind of oily seeds,but others does not.and due to its pressing principle,oil press machine also grouped in cold pressing and hot pressing.as some oily seeds are sensitive with temperature.

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