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            what Not to put into a kitchen garbage disposal?_what Not to put into a kitchen garbage disposal - Taizhou Dengshang Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.

            what Not to put into a kitchen garbage disposal?

            Update Time :2015-02-03The view :39403

            Kitchen Garbage disposal is not devourer which don't like to digest all food waste.Below is the waste which we recommend you do not put them into the food waste disposal.

            Grease or oil:Such material is easily to freeze and solidfiy inside the garbage disposal and cause jam and block the drain pipe.

            Potato peels:difficult to flush out into the drain pipe

            Glass,plastic,metal,paper can cause jam or damage the garbage disposal's metal parts

            Big bone,seds or pits can dull the blades,chuck the disposal or sediment in the drainpipe

            If you put wrong thing into the garbage disposal,please turn off the power before fixing the problem.

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