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            Working hours:

                 Monday to Saturday

                 (8:00 AM-5:00 PM)  



            Cell:86+13616677227 (Sunny)



            Official website:www.cndengshang.com

            Dengshang attends the Canton Fair 15th-19th Oct.2015_Taizhou Dengshang Mechanical&Electrical Co.,Ltd. - kitchen food waste disposer|household oil press - Taizhou Dengshang Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.

            Dengshang attends the Canton Fair 15th-19th Oct.2015

            Update Time :2015-10-23The view :2040

            For the canton fair, we had brought our kitchen waste disposers,household oil mill ,and air fryer etc/ and also we had presented our new product manual juicer machine. During this period, some our loyal customers also came to meet us. some new shows their interests with our products.

            118th canton fair 2015

            kitchen waste disposer presented in canton fair

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