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            Working hours:

                 Monday to Saturday

                 (8:00 AM-5:00 PM)  



            Cell:86+13616677227 (Sunny)



            Official website:www.cndengshang.com

            Dengshang had finished attending the KBC exhibition 2017 of China_Taizhou Dengshang Mechanical&Electrical Co.,Ltd. - kitchen food waste disposer|household oil press - Taizhou Dengshang Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.

            Dengshang had finished attending the KBC exhibition 2017 of China

            Update Time :2017-06-07The view :1497

            Dengshang is a company that manufacture kitchen food waste disposer and home oil press machine.We had attended the Kitchen and bath exhibition of  2017,that was hold in Shanghai New International Expo Center,  Shanghai, China. This exhibition aims to provide an opportunity for everybody who is interested in latest trends driving the HVAC and Kitchen & Bath industries to interact with one another.

            2017 KBC Shanghai,China

            Our domestic and overseas sales Team attended the exhibition for food waste disposer and oil press machine

            sales team attended the exhibition

            A Russia guest was interested with our kitchen waste disposal and left her contact information.

            customer was interested with food waste disposal

            Our new model of food waste disposal was introduced to American customer.And he was also interested in commercial garbage disposal and newest Brushless DC motor food waste disposal. As we know, America is the largest kitchen food waste disposer used country.They have a long history about 60 years to use such garbage disposal machine

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